Brighten that smile with our gorgeous tooth jewelry in assorted, lead-free crystals and charms.
Our non-invasive bonding process is semi-permanent, pain and damage-free. We use only the best Dental Association approved dental bond that is harmless, painless and safe, allowing you to glam up your teeth giving your smile a gorgeous uplift.


We offer the following Tooth Couture choices in assorted lead-free styles, sizes and colors:


Authentic Swarvoski® Crystals

22K Gold Charms

18K White Gold Charms

Rose Gold Charms

.01/.02ct Gold/White Gold Charms with Diamonds

Endless Design Options


Swarovski® Crystals (S,M,L): $60, $70, $80

Swarovski® Shaped Crystals: $100

Yellow, White, Rose Gold Charms: $120

Diamonds in Gold Bezel (Yellow or White): $150-$165


Crystal Faux Braces (Various Designs): $250-550

Halo Tooth: $150 Two teeth for $250

Crystal Ball: $250 Two teeth for $450

Chandelier: $300 Two teeth for $550

Crystal Two Tooth Open Heart: $175

Crystal Three Tooth Dragonfly: $300

Crystal Two Tooth Butterfly: $185

Crystal Three Tooth Bee: $250

Crystal Two Tooth Dice: $200

Crystal Vertical Bars: $150

Crystal Smiley Face: $150

Crystal Bunny Ears: $200

Crystal Paw Print: $200

Crystal Checkers: $200

Crystal Cherries: $150

Crystal Flower: $150

Crystal Bow: $200

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How long does the tooth gem process take?

Approximately 8 minutes to apply the gem plus consultation for a total of around 15-20 minutes.

Does the process hurt & will it harm my tooth?

No. There is no drilling and no numbing required. This is a non-invasive, non-abrasive, painless process bonding to the enamel similar to an orthodontic bracket, leaving the tooth intact and unharmed.


How long will it last?

Tooth Couture will last approximately 3 to 24 months depending on the jewel choice and individual's tooth enamel. We can only apply on natural teeth. Gold and diamond choices may have a shorter life-span due to the weight of the jewel.

Are there any conditions that could prevent my tooth gem from staying on?

Yes, people under the following conditions could potentially have trouble with their tooth gem lasting as long as others.

  • Those who have had oral surgery or extractions within the last 30 days

  • Those who have not had a dental cleaning within the last 6 months

  • Those with excessive plaque and tartar

  • Those with existing tooth decay, cavities, periodontal disease, or gingivitis

  • Those who eat foods with a lot of acidity and/or sugary substances in excess

  • Those who smoke in excess

  • Those who do not follow the aftercare instructions


Can I still brush my teeth normally?

Yes. There is no need to change your normal dental hygiene regimen, although, we recommend not using an electric toothbrush. It is also safe to have your teeth professionally cleaned. The area underneath the jewel is sealed like a filling and will not let in bacteria.

What if I wear a retainer, can I still get a tooth gem?

Yes. Please bring your retainer with you to your appointment so we can discuss options with you during your consultation to ensure a proper fitting.


What if I wear veneers, crowns, etc., can I still get a tooth gem?

No, if you have dentures, veneers, a tooth that is false, crowned, capped, etc., the dental bond will not adhere properly to the false tooth. The bond is designed to adhere to enamel and even though the gem may initially appear to be bonded to the artificial tooth, it will, indeed, fall off quickly and potentially ruin your artificial tooth. 

If I want to remove Tooth Couture, how can I do it?

Tooth Couture is 100% reversible. You should only have your Tooth Couture removed by a dental professional, similar to how braces are removed, so as to ensure proper tooth care, buffing and polishing procedures take place, leaving no visible marks or remaining bond.


What if I accidentally swallow Tooth Couture?

Don't Panic! Tooth Couture has no sharp edges and are small in diameter. They will be released naturally just as your normal food consumption is.


Can I eat/drink right after my Tooth Couture is applied?

No. You should wait 60 minutes before consuming anything to ensure your Tooth Couture sets properly.


Do you have any guarantees?

Yes. If your Tooth Couture crystal falls off a natural tooth within 3 months, you are registered in our system and can prove your purchase, we will one-time replace your Tooth Couture crystal at no additional cost. Replacement is non-transferable and excludes chandeliers, gold and diamond charms.


Is there an age requirement to get Tooth Couture?

Yes. You must be at least 16 years of age and have parental consent.

Do you offer Teeth Whitening?

Yes. Learn more about our Teeth Whitening Treatments here.