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Get the aesthetically pleasing whitening results you want using our dental professional whitening products. Our cosmetic teeth whitening systems are similar to the treatment you would get at your dental office but at a significantly lower price point. Our certified technicians are trained and kept up to date with the latest industry trends in technology and health and safety compliance requirements. We understand how important your smile is to you and take pride in providing you with the best and safest products and services, with a personal touch. Our products are made in the USA, enamel safe, and guaranteed to Keep It Glowing®!



PRO GLOW IN-OFFICE TREATMENT ( 15 minutes ) - $85

  • Whitening consultation

  • 15 min whitening session

  • Lifts and improves topical stains and discoloration

  • Safe for sensitive teeth

  • Includes free remineralization treatment


PRO GLOW IN-OFFICE TREATMENT ( 30 minutes ) - $145

  • Whitening consultation

  • 30 min whitening session

  • Double the lift for those deeper stains and discolorations

  • Safe for sensitive teeth

  • Includes free remineralization treatment


  • Whitening consultation

  • 15 min whitening session

  • Using a higher dental professional grade whitening gel

  • Lifts and improves years of deeper, built-up internal stains and discoloration

  • Teeth stay whiter longer

  • Includes free remineralization treatment


  • Whitening consultation

  • 30 min whitening session

  • Using a higher dental professional grade whitening gel

  • Ultra-deep lift of built-up internal stains and discoloration

  • Teeth stay whiter longer

  • Includes free remineralization treatment


  • Strengthens and repairs teeth after whitening

  • Replenishes and rejuvenates mineral content in the teeth

  • Reduces teeth sensitivity

  • Seals teeth to help protect against future stains 



How long is the complete whitening session?

Approximately 40 minutes total for the 15-minute session and approximately 55 minutes total for the 30-minute session. This includes the pre-treatment consultation and remineralization treatment.

What are all of the whitening systems that Tooth Couture® offers?

Our most effective systems are our dental professional grade, Pro-LED light accelerated, in office chairside treatments, including our revolutionary INCREDI-Glow® system for the ultimate whitening experience and visible results in just minutes. 

We also offer our Keep It Glowing® Home Whitening Kit with our Advanced Formula, professional dental grade gel that is safe for home use. It comes with whitening gel for up to 15 uses as well as our portable Pro-LED light for convenient at-home use and quick on-the-go treatments.

And finally, and maybe the most fun of all, is our Glow Up Whitening Foam. This is a home treatment that can be used with a tray and Pro-LED light, including our "no heat" self-impression INCREDI-Trays™ for upper and lower teeth, or in combination with your daily teeth brushing routine.


Is Tooth Couture® Teeth Whitening safe for my teeth?

Absolutely! Teeth Whitening is clinically proven safe and our gels and products were formulated to protect the teeth's enamel, nerves, and dental restorations.


How white can my teeth get?

Everyone's teeth are different so results will vary depending on your starting shade, intake of stain causing food and beverages, and overall oral health. Please also understand that teeth can only be whitened to a certain shade and cannot get whiter than your genetic makeup.

How long will my teeth stay white?

White teeth can last up to two years with proper maintenance, but it all depends on your lifestyle and hygienic habits. Refraining from consuming stain causing food and beverages is always helpful. People that consume these types of food and beverages, or who smoke, etc., will need to repeat the whitening process more often.


Can I reach my whitening goal with just one whitening session?

Again, everyone's teeth are different, results will vary, and it will depend on your starting shade. We recommend two to three 30-minute in office chairside whitening sessions, for most people, to achieve the best results.

How often should I whiten my teeth?

After you've completed the recommended in office chairside whitening sessions, we suggest you follow up with additional treatments every 6-12 months depending on your hygiene and stain causing food/drink consumption habits. We also recommend you use our Glow Up Whitening Foam or Keep It Glowing™ Whitening Kits for at home touch up treatments in between in office chairside sessions to control topical stains until your next in office chairside visit.

What if I haven't seen a dentist in a while?

We recommend that if you haven't had a teeth cleaning in the last six month, that you do that before scheduling a whitening session. You should also see a dentist to ensure you are free from any type of periodontal issues and/or gingivitis. These types of issues can affect the whitening process and cause discomfort during the treatment.  Please consult with your dental professional before using a whitening treatment.

What are the white spots on my teeth?

Some people may experience white spots, or calcium deposits, on their teeth before and/or after teeth whitening. These are caused by sugary or starchy foods that can affect your saliva and stick to your teeth causing plaque and tartar leaving a hardening and/or discolored surface with white spots on the teeth. These deposits can best be treated by eating healthy foods, brushing twice a day with a tartar control toothpaste, flossing, and getting regular teeth cleanings by your dentist. Teeth whitening can assist with reducing the discoloration, but nothing can replace good oral hygiene, a healthy, balanced diet, and regular visits and teeth cleanings by your dentist.


Will teeth whitening affect or damage my dental restorations?

No. Our gels and products will not harm your dental restorations. In fact, they will remove any stains on their surface and may return them back to their original color.

Are there any restrictions to consider before doing a whitening treatment?

Yes. It is recommended that the following should consult with their physician or dental professional before using a whitening treatment:

  • Those under the age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent)

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Those who have had oral surgery or extractions within the last 30 days

  • Those who have not had a dental cleaning within the last 6 months

  • Those with existing tooth decay, cavities, periodontal disease, or gingivitis

  • Those wearing braces or that have had braces removed within the last 6 months

  • Those who are photosensitive or on photosensitive medications

  • Those that have allergies, and/or reactions, to some or all ingredients in the whitening products

  • Those wearing oral piercings (remove prior to treatment)

Do you offer Teeth Whitening Tech Training?

Yes! The teeth whitening training course is $1750. A combo training of teeth whitening and tooth gem training is $4000. Both come with kits.

Payment plans are available.

The Full Kit Includes:

  • ​In Office Floor LED Whitening Lamp

  • INCREDI-Glow® Whitening for 15-20 clients

  • (20) Disposable Whitening Applicator Brushes

  • (20) Finger Tooth Wipes

  • (20) Vitamin E Swabs

  • (10) Cheek Retractors

  • (2) Mouth/Lip Guards

  • (1) Professional Bleaching Shade Guide

  • (1) Safety Goggles

  • Consent/Waiver Template Form for Customers

  • After Care Instruction Forms for Customers

  • Certificate of Completion

What if I have tooth gems currently or want to get one, will the whitening ruin my tooth gems?

No. Although we recommend getting your teeth whitened before you get a tooth gem, the teeth whitening treatment will not harm your tooth gems.

If I want to get teeth whitening and a tooth gem do I have to book an appointment for both?

No, you don't have to book an appointment for each service unless you plan to do one service one day and the other service another day. There are options on our Book Now page to get Teeth Whitening + Tooth Gems.  Please choose one of those options for both same day services.


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